The Face Shop EyeLashes (Individual Lashes) Review

Annyeong pretties! How are you? It’s good to see you again! :) Today I will be sharing with you a non-Etude house thing but still a Korean product. I’ve been looking this lashes from Etude house apparently I don’t have luck so I ended up to The Face Shop.  It’s my first time to use an individual lashes and I’ve struggled with this lashes because I found so difficult to put on.


You can buy individual eyelashes or lash clusters, you can also get strips of eyelashes and cut them yourself to create individual lashes. I find that both individual lashes and lash clusters look more natural than a full eyelash strip.



The Face Shop has a very simple packaging. The box is plain black color and labeled with their brand name and product name in white text with slight glittery text.


At the back, the product information is written in Hangul.


Inside the box, you will see the glue, white container where the individual lashes is glued and the instruction is written in Hangul where I think this is a manual on how to use the falsies assuming with the step by step photo above.


The falsie lashes looks like a rice plant on field growing with green and healthy leaves. HAHA :)


The glue comes in the standard little metal tube, and is semi-transparent when dry. With this glue it is really important to let it become tacky before applying the lashes or else you will end up with glue everywhere.


The falsie lash and glue itself that I take off from the container is very adhesive. It’s really amazing that the remaining band still holds the paper and even my finger.




It accentuates the outer corners of the eyes making it look more dolly and dramatic. 


I wish the lash had smaller one rather than all of it being of the same length so that it would look a lot more natural on the inner parts of our eyes. 


Please bear with the uneven application. It was my first time trying out individual lashes. :D 



I love it! The quality is fantastic and at low price is still perfect. They are slightly more plastic than the other lashes that I bought. I found them to very super durable and very comfortable to wear all day. 


The lashes felt light weight on the eyes and it looked pretty natural .They work very well with both my standard make up and bolder looks. 


The Face Shop did an awesome job designing their lashes to suit most Asian eyes. These are currently my favorite lashes, I will be purchasing them again in the future! 

☆☆☆ out of 5

Before I end my this blog post, I just wanna share my photos that I recently joined contest. It’s an Image Model Search 2013 from Tronix, it was launched July 2013 nationwide for the Adult, Tweens and Kids Categories.

profile pic-1

IM2013 Adults Montage-1

Unfortunately I didn’t qualify for the finals, maybe there is lacking on my photo and my shyness standouts but still it’s a great experience and I had so fun.

IM2013 CoverPhoto-1

That’s a wrap Sweeties! I hope this review is helpful! See you in my next falsie lashes review! Annyeong!

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