Fashion Haul 2: Korean Inspired Shoes

All Kpop idols seem to have in common; SHOES! It doesn’t matter which genre of kpop music they’re performing, whethers it’s cute, joyful, hiphop and rap music, they all love shoes!

IU endorsing Le Coq Sportif shoes.

Cute boots for cute girl like me.^^

Why we love shoes? Shoes are sense of our life. Personally speaking I mostly love shoes rather than clothes because it’s easy to wear and never make you feel fat. It’s easy to find sizes, colors and designs that suites for you and I feel that I have better taste on picking what is good on my feet while putting and pairing clothes on. 

BIGBANG wearing their fashionable shoes during lollipop pictorial.
 2NE1during Adidas launching featuring new Jeremy Scott wings shoes.

Shoe shopping always makes you feel better.You can buy cheap shoes and don’t have to spend a lot to find the latest styles. If they last season’s style you can still wear and what I mostly love about shoes it can change the whole look of an outfit in less than a minute and the way you feel. Of course, the right shoes can make you feel like a million dollars.

Which shoes you like the most? It is from lovely Girls Generation!
I love high heel wedge shoes like this. It’s complete an outfit.
It’s cool to dress down a cute, girlie outfit and keep your look glam with this beautiful boots!

 Lee Ji-eun better known by her stage name IU.

IU looks so cute with her wedge boots.
IU looks so cute with her wedge boots.

I don’t think I would be able to pull off sneakers like jeremy scott’s adidas, converse, airwalk, reebook or really hip-hop-looking sneakers because i’m not cool enough and they don’t fit with my image. But there are one kind of sneakers i love to wear because they look casual and not too manly image. I was thrilled when i found out that a lot of kpop idols like wearing them too like IU, Bae Suzy, 2ne1, SNSD and other female kpop.

Like high heel shoes, wedges are fit for all 
occasions and you can wear them with a stylish.
Add style to all of your outfits with these shoes and you are sure to be the center of attention wherever you walk.

I feel like I’m too conservative wearing shoes unlike pretty clothes but  I just love a pair of heels and wear them. I wanted see my self to be feminine and one hot chick!

Are you confident to wear this SISTAR’S sexy sandals? For me, its a YES!^_^

Here are my favorite and mostly worn shoe buys from 2012. My shoe size is 6, so it’s not hard for me to find amazingly stylish shoes. I am probably one of the best bargain shoppers out there! I love to buy shoes on sale because it’s less expensive and I have a chance to buy a lot in low budget. 

This boot is petite-friendly and proportionally flattering for my pear-shaped figure. For reference, I am 4’11”. I wear these boots with skinny jeans, skirts and shorts thats shows my legs look longer (to “supplement” my height).I like the zipper because I can simply wear them whenever I wear thin socks. These Centropelle boots are worth the investment because of their high quality and great craftsmanship.They are quite comfortable and a little hipster trendy.

The small heel gives a girlie touch while still making the
shoe very comfortable.
 These booties are perfect for giving your outfit a more fashionable.
I love pairing ankle boots with my favorite mini dresses.
I love the design and raspberry color!

I love wedge shoes and I really want IU shoes above, so when I saw a similar design at Cardams, I was delighted I picked them up immediately and luckily I got it on sale .These shoes are one of my favorite because they look stylish and fashionable while adding a bit of height at the same time. I usually team them with shorts, skirts and pants.

Leather, heel measures approximately 4″. They look great with jeans, dresses, shorts! So extremely versitle!
My go to “going out” shoes! love these!

 I’m trying to be fashionable with these fabulous high cut sneakers that feature a lace up front and Airwalk pink design logo on the side. It add just a little bit of punky rebel to any outfit. It also can be on your jeans, denim skirts or a dress, look fabulous and creates that “Punkish” look.

Canvas upper and lining/rubber sole. Sort of punk, sort of playful, and kind’a sporty.

Black and hot pink design kicks with your jean skirt!
High cut sneakers are a cool mix for girls! 

The body of your dreams starts with the right shoes on your feet.You always, always need another pair of shoes. No one can ever say you don’t. There is always an outfit or an event you don’t have shoes for.

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