Etude House: Sweet Recipe Cupcake All Over Color Review

Annyeong cutties! Are you dreaming to have products that has multiple use? You might just find the product you’re looking for! Here is my review of Etude House Sweet recipe Cupcake all Over Color in OR201!

Pretty Sulli in sweet recipe cupcake.

The Etude House Sweet Recipe Cupcake All Over Color has 5 vibrant colors which you can use multiple ways. It can be used as a blush, eye shadow, and/or lip color.

It’s currently available in 5 colors.

Sweet recipe Cupcake all Over Color in:

PK001 – Blueberry Cheesecake
PK002 – Strawberry Chiffon Cake
RD301 – Raspberry Mousse Cake
OR201 – Orange Choux Cake
OR202 – Peach Sugar Cake


One that I bought is OR201 – Orange Choux Cake. The packaging is so cute.

13790921363281As you can see, it come in a box that kind of resembles a cupcake take-out box. Like most of Etude House’s other products, they packaging so adorable. The elegant packaging obviously these are going to look like some sort of toy or little girl’s makeup.

3790926166251 You will thought it like be a whipped cream but surprisingly it’s look like a lip balm.

You can see the name of the product at the bottom of the tin and expiration on the side.
Cupcakes are by far the most pleasing.

Here’s how it looks like when it’s opened. It has a nice sweet orange scent, which I love and it has no strong scent.


13790944097811It is creamy, very easy to spread, the color go on lighter than the solid color in the container. The color blends really nicely! It will give you a subtle orange peachy color on skin especially on cheeks it will give a healthy natural blush look when used.


13790934706711The colors isn’t really great shadow shades as it either too bright or too pastel for me.  You need to put greater amount to show your desired color. It  is like putting a cream on crease and it is best to be a base before putting darker color.


13790937399681As a blush this is easy to blend and use on cheeks. It has a lighter creamy texture that blends out quite easily on cheeks for a nice natural flush. I love how it dries after applying on skin from creamy to powdery texture on skin.


379094256046The color is a good base for putting on a lip tint or lip stick for the gradient lip color style. I don’t recommend to put it alone because it is not moisturizing better to put first a lip balm/shiner.

13790948418751 13790950747341✓  cheap,cute packaging,nice fruity scent, multi functional, it’s not sticky, Very easy to blend
✘ a bit drying on the lips,
☆☆☆ out of 5

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