Etude House Precious Mineral Magic Any Cushion Review

Hello Prettiest! I will be sharing with you a secret on how to achieve a natural glowing skin like Korean idols! Most Koreans are known for their flawless skin make their skin appear glowing or type like oily looking. They also have known to be very skin conscious and they spend a gigantic pact of time and money in nurturing their skin.

Precious Mineral Magic Any Cushion SPF 34 / PA++

I’m very happy :-D to introduce about Foundation Cushion, especially to talk about the Etude House’s latest product, the Precious Mineral Magic Any Cushion. The Foundation Cushion has become a huge trend in South Korea.

Etude House Magic Any Cushion

The Magic Any Cushion comes in three colour-correcting variants:

  • Magic Peach – For a dark and dull/yellowish skin type. Transformed into a bright and clear skin tones.
  • Magic Pink – For a white and pale skin type. Transformed into a good complexion and healthy skin tone.
  • Magic Mint – For a facial blushing or reddish skin type. Transformed into a uniform and bright skin tone.

Product Description

This Magic Cushion Pact makes skin transparent and bright with a lovely magic base color that covers imperfections of any skin type.
Content: 15g


It’s a silicone-based, contained with the main ingredients:

  • Sodium hyaluronate – For preventing dry skin (Moisture-Lock)
  • Mineral powder of pearl and Arbutin – For  skin whitening
  • Adenosin – For wrinkle prevention



Pick up a right amount with puff and apply evenly while gently patting onto skin.


The packaging is similar with the Precious Mineral Any Cushion in shape and size, the only dissimilarity is the oval shape with gold and white lace-like design and product name printed on it. At the back of the box is information written in Hangul.

DSC00713 DSC00716

I have the Magic Peach which is properly packed in color coded packaging. I bought it for P1098.

DSC00728 DSC00723

There are descriptions, directions and ingredients in both English and Korean so if you don’t understand korean, it’s totally fine there is English.

DSC00720 DSC00721

Once you opened the compact, there’s a mirror and a puff inside which makes it super handy for traveling and touch-ups.

This is how the Precious Mineral Magic Cushion looks when it is opened.

The compact comes with a big mirror which I can easily see my face clearer, I hate compacts that has a small mirror and the cause I have to bring a bigger one because I’m not satisfied and good thing that EH designed a friendly kit for us! I still love this cushion regardless of its medium size against from other compacts, because you can bring it worry- free without spilling out and messing up your makeup bag.

IMG_20140525_031158 DSC00740

So convenient, practical and hygienic!

The cushion has a protective sticker seal over it; there is guarantee that is freshly sealed and doesn’t dry up before you open the product. Besides the sticker, it has a plastic cover that separates the puff from the basin.

Its so easy to open! Just push the button then it unlock right away.
Precious Mineral Magic Any Cushion Sponge

There is a sponge that absorbs the product inside the basin and its refillable cushion inside. So if yours is starting to run out, just simply purchase their refill cushion.

Precious Mineral Magic Any Cushion Puff

Mess-free with your fingers since you can apply the product using a special air polyurethane puff. You can notice other cushion has color blue puff but EH cushion comes with pink instead, quite unique color right?! :-P


The Precious Mineral Magic Any Cushion has a very light texture.

Like most Korean BB cushion and BB cream products, it is silicone-based, so it has a watery texture and feels comfortable and light on the skin.

The one I have here is Magic Peach, and the compact is a soft pastel peach colour. ♥

Magic Peach is the slightest fair shade that brightens quite generally. To me it’s probably the best variety for skin shade for girls who are not that fair because the colour correcting effect is very delicate for anyone who wants to try one but can’t decide on a colour.


Its scent is so good! Its smells like a floral aroma.

When Worn

As you can see, the look is fairly glowy, and sheer. The texture is smooth and easily spread onto my face. Its not greasy or sticky when worn on my skin thus it provides a cooling effect during application.

DSC00749 DSC00750

Below, you can see from the right part which applied with cushion gives me a look that is even and fairer than my natural skin from the left part.

My skin instantly brighter and look healthier!

Overall Thoughts

I love how it easily accessible in three shades coordinated to skin tone problems. The finish has dewy and shimmery Korean-style natural glow which is very popular here in Asia. I also like the good texture and consistency. I consider its price is quite expensive for only 15 g but its good investment considering it’s worth it.

This is my finished look using Magic Any Cushion, lip gloss, eyeliner, eyebrow pencil and blusher.

DSC00778 DSC00774

I can now skip sunscreen face cream because it has SPF 34 / PA++. Furthermore, Magic Any Cushion is able to give bright skin tone and giving moisture for long hours.

DSC00775 DSC00786

I highly recommend this product if you are looking for a sheer, brighter, colour-correcting  product that can be worn alone without messing up and with multiple functions that can save time.

Remember, the most important Korean beauty secrets: drink lot of water, eat fruits and veggies, enough sleep,  less make-up and more skincare.

I hope you liked my review and let me know your thoughts in the comment section! (◠‿◠) Annyeong!

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  1. I am currently using Etude House Mineral Magic Any Cushion Magic Peach too! I love it! I love the glow it gives me. I use it before applying my tinted moisturiser then I apply on my nose, corner of cheeks, brow bone and chin for added glow effect

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