Etude House: Lovely Cookie Blusher #12 Plum Mousse Cake Review ♥

Annyeong cutties!~ How is your day? Today I am going to share with you my thoughts on Etude House’s Lovely Cookie Blusher in #12 Plum Mousse Cake.


Can you oppose this beautiful blusher by Etude House? Well, I can’t that is why I got my favorite shades of them, it originally has 12 shades, the other shades are awesome too but plum mousse cake stands out for my skin tone.

The Lovely Cookie Blusher in twelve (12) shades:


They look incredibly cute, Etude House is really popular with the cute packaging and interior design.



I always love etude because it always cute, simple, girly and PINK! So the packaging is cute and lovely, the blush comes with a powder puff with a pink bow trim to apply it on your face. The puff for me is fine, its very fluffy on face and it easily pick and build up equal amount of blush.


The blusher is travel friendly, because it’s lightweight and also have strapping packaging, it locks up pretty tight too.



Palm Mousse Cake is a matte bold hot pink color which would make you look as you’re naturally blushing just a tiny amount on your cheeks. The color is really pigmented and gives you a long lasting color expression.



Really my favorite and still this color is gorgeous. I love to use this when I’m going day out, because I prefer natural look during day time. The color is really pay off and it lasted about 6-8 hours on my skin.

Will I purchase these again? Yes! I’d like to try another variant color, thinking about the orange one!^~^

☆☆☆☆☆ out of 5

What is the best blusher for you? Let me know in the comment section below! Good luck.. Annyeong!

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