Etude House Lip Brush Review

Annyeong! I’m still comprising of all Etude House brushes. Little by little I know that my little wish would come true! ;) These tools will help me a lot in personal makeup application. They are super cute and some are bit pricey!


I picked these brushes because I really trust and love the brand. Koreans have their own makeup style and I think these brushes were designed for everyone. These are great for personal use though!b

But for now, I will be sharing with you first my lip brush, actually I have two brushes to review the other one is blending brush. I don’t want to combine the two brushes posts because it could be too long. I prefer shorter post… plain and simple. ;)

So let’s head on to the review!



Lip brush gives me more flawless, even look, as well as increase the wear of my lipsticks. It’s favored for me because it help my lipstick application more hygienic.


This brush has extra firm, flat and slightly rounded shape. It is also soft and gentle on lips.


I love how this lip brush snaps into two so you can connect both part then it can be longer.


And another thing is you can use it as cap or cover. Stays neat in my beauty kit, I will never worry if I have some color left on the brush before I throw it back in plus it keeps bacteria away! :D


It’s so light and space free from my beauty pouch! That way, I can bring it with me wherever I go! :)

Here’s the final touch!


This is by far, hands down, much better than I previously using. This brush works with my lip smoothly and distributes colour evenly. It also fills quickly and easily keeps my lips shape.

☆☆☆☆ out of 5


Have you tried any of the brushes from Etude House? If so let me know your thoughts in the comments section below. Annyeong!

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