Etude House: Fantastic Color Eyes (Doll Transformation)

If you like Kyary Pamyu Pamyu like me, you must know her popular song ♪♬Pon Pon Wei Wei Wei Pon Pon♫♩ where she made her debut with “Pon Pon Pon”, has 30+ million views on YouTube! Kyary is a model, a blogger, and J-pop star with internationally charting hits! Kyary is much known for her true art form, Kawaii! :-)

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Those spiky lashes, dolly soft lenses and her crazy fashion themed outfits! You must also be enchanted by how her beautiful round eyes and “Aegyo Sal” that make her eyes appear bigger and more cheerful.

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If you ever feel like doing a cosplay of Kyary or want to be a Kawaii too? And so here is my tutorial on how to achieve her basic eye makeup. ;-)

how to make

This makeup is so easy to achieve all you need is makeup palette, lenses and lashes!

Here’s the product that I use for my Kyary Inspired look!

Etude House’s Limited Edition Fantastic Color Eyes #2 Bohemian Soul

This palette is the latest release from Etude House called Fantastic Color Eyes. There are two colors available for this eye shadow, which are Bloody Halloween and Bohemian Soul. I choose the second one since the color looks more natural for everyday use.


Packaging is really artistic concept. The designs feature simple patterns and illustrate a casual, comfortable and feel to be free. Etude always use a simple yet elegant packaging.


Bohemian Soul eyeshadow palette contains peach, gold, and brown shades that have a more fresh and natural look that you can create great looks. This eyeshadow palette also has one cream shadow shade (Apricot Jam), which can be used as a blush.


The six shades and names really match with the Bohemian idea.This palette gives extremely wide mixture of colors and comfort to wear. You can easily achieved a simple look using dramatic one-tone color.

DSC01810Special sheered applicator tip absorbs the perfect amount of eye shadow and provides long lasting color saturation.


  • Folk Song– almost matte nude color
  • Apricot Jam– creamy peachy blusher or eyeshadow with matte finish
  • Ethnic Coral– matte coral color with touch of pink
  • Gypsy Queen– sparkling white glitter
  • Wanderlust– fantastic sparkling gold glitter
  • Freedom-shimmery dark brown color

Out of the sparkly shades, wanderlust is the most pigmented and works well alone while gypsy queen works fantastic as shimmer on center upper lid. The folk song and ethnic coral applied pretty well and I also like how it mix and match together with sparkly shadows. Freedom has a very rich texture; excellent pigmentation and the best shade in the palette. Apricot jam is cream shadow and blusher but I also use it as lipstick, it has a very creamy texture and easy to blend.

Here is my closer look! :-P


Overall, Fantastic Color Eyes palette is really fantastic and I’m pretty happy with it. It offers a variety of finishes giving you the option to go with a matte or sparkly look. For the texture, this eye shadow is a little bit powdery but it’s smooth, blend well and pretty much pigmented. Try it and you’ll love it too! :-*


How do I look? Have you tried this beautiful palette too? Let me know in the comment section below! Annyeong!

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