Etude House: Eye Lash #3 Vivid Review

Yeorobun, Annyeonghaseo! Here is another falsie lashes review in #3 Vivid style. False lashes are used to protect eyes from dust and personally I want my lashes to stay longer and healthier from curling and putting mascara.


Product Description

The Vivid Eye Lash is long lasting and fiber-rich eye lash that give the eye an enhanced fun look. It is made of soft material yet sturdy built for long lasting gorgeous lashes. Using this lashes, you can achieve the desired volume and length while maintaining a natural look. This is intended for both beginners and even beauty experts.



Inside the pink kit includes a reusable lashes and eyelash glue.


Underneath is instruction written in Hangul on how to use it.


It’s long and looks natural in criss-cross design.

How To Use It

1. Apply mascara on eyelashes, which will make false eyelashes stick on eyelashes more easily.
2. Trim lashes to suit the shape of your eyes.

3. Apply eyelash glue on the base of the strip and let it dry for 10 seconds.
4. Apply the lash on the base of your lashes. Lightly press with your fingers to fix it.
5. Apply mascara again, in order not to separate the true and the false eyelashes.

When Worn


Vivid is really one of the most natural lashes.They look nice!


I love this eyelashes! I’ts very comfortable to wear, lashes is so soft and it’s easy to remove! I consider a normal lashes, not too short, not too long, not too thick.

Here is my full photo!


☆☆☆☆ out of 5

That’s for today! See you in my next post! Annyeong!

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