Etude House: Dear My Wish Lips Talk & Color in Liquid Lips Review

Hi Lovelies! Wanna be Sweet? :-) I am back with another review and I am very excited to share Etude House’s lipstick line, the Dear My Wish Lips Talk and Color in Liquid Lips! I have been trying this lipstick for a while now and I’m ready to share my thoughts with it.


Are you ready to be bowled over sweetness and cuteness? So, Lets Start!

Etude House Dear My Wish Lips Talk

Dear My Wish Lips Talk line has 10 new colors to choose from. This new release is almost look the same to their Dear My Blooming Lips Talk tube, this one is longer, slimmer and the signature bow is now place in the middle. Also the Etude House logo is gone and the bullet became more flat instead of pointy. I love the new packaging because it looks elegant!

This product claims to do:

  • Cushiony texture: Its creamy, lightweight texture envelops lips smoothly and comfortably like melting on lips.
  •  Rich color with only one swipe: Clear and rich colors expressed powerfully on lips with a lustrous finish.
  • Hydrated glowing Lips: It contains Vegetable Squalane to keep lips moisturized with glowing rich glossy colors.

Etude House Dear My Wish Lips Talk in RD301 & PK002

This lipstick size is 4.5 g,  weighs 26 g, and cost only P578. I bought it from Etude House Boutique.

My favorite shades from this line are RD301 and PK002. I want a color that I can use everyday, again I chose red and I want to try new shade so I picked girly pink!

**Note that it might melt on a hot day since it is so creamy icky at all.

Etude House Color in Liquid Lips

Color in Liquid Lips Line boasts a variety of 20 colors in the form of liquid lipsticks. The design looks fun and adorable, it comes with a clear tube with faux bullet and a lips, heart and a swatch design on cap that gives it a charming and cute look.

This product claims to do:

  • Lovely splashing color: Vivid colors like melted liquefied lipsticks make delicate and supple lips. (Exclusive “One-Touch-Color” technology is applied to express vivid color with one touch)
  • See-though glossy lips: Smooth water-sliding texture cares lips lightweight, glossy, and non sticky. (Water-Sliding: Light and non-sticky texture for cushiony and sleek application)
  • Long-lasting hydrated lips: It contains Sweet almond oil and sunflower seed oil to coat lips comfortably and smoothly long time without getting dry.

This lipstick size is 3.5 g,  weighs 31 g, and cost only P598. I bought it from Etude House Boutique.

Etude House Color in Liquid Lips in RD301 & PK008

The packaging of this lipstick is one of my favorite things about, it’s beautiful to death! So pink, pretty and princess-like! Also, the applicator looks like a lips which gives for a precise application in the corners of your lips.


The difference might not be striking in the photo because of bad lighting ( I’m sorry :-( ) but it is actually more pigmented and vivid-looking.


Dear My Wish Lips Talk

This lipstick has a so creamy, smooth consistency, glossy, pigmented and moisturizing . I really enjoy how it’s so easy to apply, it glides on lips like a butter. :-) It surprisingly has a floral scent. The lipstick leaves a long-lasting tinted look on your lips that stays on throughout the whole day but the outline will probably fade if you eat or drink and it leaves a faint rosy tint.

Color in Liquid Lips

At first a bit sticky, but turns in a lipstick structure (it’s like a combination of lip gloss and lipstick). Stays on well on my lips feel so soft, it is not drying at all and it’s like I’m wearing a pigmented lip balm! It smells of delicious like a fruity candy! Compared to My Wish Lips Talk, it doesn’t last as long, but has better color pay off. It easily wear off, so expect retouching your lips after eating or drinking.

When Worn



It’s pretty similar to Dear My Wish Lips Talk #RD301, a classic red with glossy and very pigmented texture that you can’t go wrong with.

DEAR MY WISH LIPS-TALK #RD301 Breaking Out for Once Red


Extremely pigmented with a deep rich red color perfect for night-time events and you will surely standout with the quintessential sexy look!

COLOR IN LIQUID LIPS #19 PK008 Pink in Punk


Extremely vibrant and lovely pink that is wearable during the day time.

DEAR MY WISH LIPS-TALK #PK002 Pit-a-Pat First Kiss Pink


I’m loving the glossy finish of this lipstick! Very pretty though.

My Thoughts

The Wish Lips Talk color is what I have expected and the texture is really sweet. It is very pigmented, moisturizing, and shiny so there’s no need for an overcoat of gloss! The lipstick spreads so well and only takes one swipe of the product to get an opaque coat. Also, I love this liquid lipstick and it has well exceeded my expectations in every way. It gives very fresh, intense, bright and pretty color. Also the applicator spreads the lipstick nicely for an even coat. Thank you Etude House, for such a wonderful product!

Overall, this is a very versatile lipstick, these are the best lipsticks I’ve ever owned and I definitely recommended it!

Thank you for reading! Hope you enjoyed this post and learned a lot how to be sweet, cute and lovely princess! Leave a comment below if you have any questions, and please follow if you haven’t already! Annyeong!

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